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No Functions Have Timeout Configuration Inferior To API Gateway Timeout

Why ?

This rule checks that the timeout of the Lambda function is inferior to the timeout of any API Gateway integration that is using this Lambda function.

API Gateway integrations have a default timeout of 29 (REST) or 30 seconds (HTTP). AWS Lambda functions have a default timeout of 3 seconds, and a maximum timeout of 15 minutes. This means that you can specify a longer timeout on the Lambda function than on the API Gateway integration. In such cases, if the API Gateway integration times out before the Lambda function, the client will receive a 504 error, but the lambda will continue to run until it times out. This can lead to useless computation time and costs.

How to fix ?

To fix this issue, you need to set the timeout of the Lambda function to a value that is inferior to the timeout of the API Gateway integration.

If your Lambda takes longer than the maximum api gateway timeout, you might want to consider using a different integration pattern, such as asynchronous invocation or AWS Step Functions.


You can change the timeout of your lambda directly from the console. See AWS documentation on timeout configuration


new lambda.Function(this, 'Function', {
timeout: cdk.Duration.seconds(28),


Type: AWS::Lambda::Function
Timeout: 28


resource "aws_lambda_function" "function" {
timeout = 28

API Gateway limits (such as maximum integration timeout):

Tackle API Gateway timeout issues with Lambda step functions: