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User Pools should enforce passwords of at least 10 characters

Why is this important?

By default, Cognito User Pools enforce passwords of at least 8 characters. This is a weak password policy and should be changed to at least 10 characters. Passwords of 8 characters are quite easy to guess and brute force.

How to fix

To comply, set the MinimumPasswordLength property of your userPools to 10 or higher. For example, in the console, you can change this in the sign-up experience section of the user pool.

AWS CDK example

new UserPool(this, 'myuserpool', {
// ...
passwordPolicy: {
minLength: 10,

AWS CloudFormation example

Type: AWS::Cognito::UserPool
# ...
MinimumLength: 10

Terraform example

resource "aws_cognito_user_pool" "myuserpool" {
# ...
password_policy {
minimum_length = 10