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CloudFront: use SecurityHeadersPolicy on the default cache behavior of your distributions

A cache behavior lets you configure how your users will access your files (more on CloudFront cache behaviors).

You should configure security headers because they prevent common attacks. You can find more details about these on the Mozilla Developer Network website.

Suggested Action

If no response headers policy is applied to your default behavior yet

AWS provides a managed response headers policy: SecurityHeadersPolicy, that is ready to use.

Head over to your console, CloudFront > Distributions > Behaviors. Then edit the behaviors: select SecurityHeadersPolicy in the Response headers policy - optional section.

If you already have a response headers policy applied to your default behavior

Head over to your console, CloudFront > Policies > Response headers. Then select your custom policy and add security headers to it.


I have set up security headers with a Lambda function or Lambda@Edge, but sls-mentor still raises an issue, what should I do?

Unfortunately, sls-mentor cannot handle all situations. Our recommendation is to use managed policies on CloudFront, because this is simpler to manage.

Response headers are a relatively new feature. Note that you can add response headers policies without immediately updating your current setup.